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Our database consists of comprehensive, up-to-date, relevant information on customers and prospects. It enables you to analyze and identify your most responsive candidates to marketing communications by performing segmentation and selection, deploying the right message at the right time to the right person using the right channel.

A marketing database is built specifically for the purpose of performing data-driven, multi-channel marketing functions such as segmentation, list creation, and back-end analysis. While operational databases typically contain some data needed by marketers such as customer and purchase information, these databases are not designed nor are they integrated to support data-driven, multi-channel marketing activities. If you have the need to use data that exists in separate silos for marketing purposes, you need a marketing database to support your database marketing needs.

You can use the data as often as you wish, for the purpose of sales and marketing of your own products and services. It cannot be used outside your own organization and must not be supplied to third parties. You must ensure you comply with current CANSPAM Act and DMA guidelines and any other local email and marketing legislation.

It depends on which database you wish to buy, the level of information you require and the number of contacts

ost databases are emailed in and XLS or CSV format.

We have over 350 full-time researchers to compile and verify the information in our databases.

But we also recognize that no database can be perfect. Businesses are constantly closing down, executives changing. And while 100-percent accuracy is our goal, it is highly unlikely. Therefore, it is natural to receive a small amount of outdated information.

We follow a very stringent verification schedule in the industry. With over 10,000 connected outbound calls made within our call center on a daily basis, we ensure that every business record on our database is contacted at least once every 6 months and electronically verified once every 3 months.

We comply with the CAN-SPAM ACT and other laws applicable to data collection and its distribution. Users and subscribers are protected as according to the laws stipulated. We respect our clients’ privacy and ensure utmost safety and confidentiality of information.

We maintain an excellent quality and even ensure that our data will never falls below the highest set standards of accuracy levels. However no database is perfect and a business has the tendency to change the moment the phone is put down after verification. So, as an extra reassurance, should you ever find we are less than 90% accurate, simply write to us, and we will replace any inaccurate records.

Since list orders are produced according to your detailed specifications, time must be allowed for fulfillment. Most orders for business and consumer lists are emailed within 3 business days upon receipt.     Specialty lists take longer, usually within 5 business days upon receipt. Fulfillment of international specialty list orders can take about 5-7 working days, sometimes as much as 8 days.

Yes we can de-dupe against your existing client list.

Email addresses are available from a variety of sources, such as magazine or newsletter subscribers who have given their email address or “opt-in permission-based” email, meaning lists of individuals that have given their permission to receive information from third party resources. This can come from sources such as website registrations, surveys, product registrations, social media sites, sweepstakes, public information and phone calls.

Yes, we sell all type of data across the Globe.

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We will always do what is right for the customer, the employee, or the circumstance. We will do what we say we will do and will make right on our promises and mistakes. We will seek relationships with future employees, partners, and customers that value character, commitment, and personal accountability.

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